Sarah Boyden, Textile Design

Sarah Boyden

Living in Northern California but growing up in Virginia, Sarah Boyden still does what she calls the bicoastal bop. “I love Virginia because it grounds me.” 

A fondness of her Southern roots and the California lifestyle she has grown to appreciate, have allowed her to use her imagination and drawing skills to create a whimsical, vibrantly colorful textile line of fabric, sheers and wallpaper.

A professional interior designer for over three decades, Sarah graduated with a BFA in Interior Design from Virginia Commonwealth University and began her career in the Contract end of design. Later, she embraced Residential interior design and built a successful business bringing her knowledge and expertise from that experience forward into textile designs.

"Having worked on all aspects of an interior design project including drawing floor plans, elevations and thumbnail sketches, I feel so liberated to be able to draw whatever comes to mind. I’m an art collector and when I travel, I am always on a hunt to find a piece of art, textile or antique to bring home to remind me of that trip. I attribute so much of my curiosity and need to be creative to my mother who had moxie and constantly pushed me to reach out for all that life can bring."

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